Jig saw reviews

A jig saw is a handy power tool. An electric motor and an oscillating saw blade make the jigsaw tick, helping it cut materials in various forms and sizes. The tool bears numerous names such as scroll saws, bayonet saw or simply sabre saw. We have an engineer, Albert Kaufmann, to thank for the powerful invention. The man brought the jigsaw to light in 1946 and it was later produced for the masses in 1947 by the company, Scintilla AG Company. A blade is instrumental in getting the jigsaw to motion; and there are 2 types of blade fittings currently available. Older jigsaw tools have the blade fitted with the help of a screw whereas the newer versions have the blades safely slotted in. Although, there are endless numbers of jigsaw tools available for purchase, we’ve have come to a conclusion that the Milwaukee 6268-21 and Milwaukee 6266-22 are the best in the game for both amateurs and professionals. These portable tools are the perfect crossover between scrolls and bandsaws. The jig saw reviews below should be of great help. 

Milwaukee 6268-21

When it comes to cutting materials with impeccable precision, no other tool comes close to the Milwaukee 6268-21. The power tool doesn’t produce much noise and the vibration of the saw can hardly be felt. This tool also provides one with the facilities of a LED light; this makes cutting along the lines a walk in the park. The dust blower complements the LED light by making the line of cut perfectly visibly throughout the duration of work. The blades can be changed easily as well- only a lever has to be removed to make this a possibility. For the power hungry enthusiasts, the Milwaukee 6268-21 packs a punch with its 6.5 amp motor capable of making 3,000 strokes in 60 seconds. 

Milwaukee 6266-22

The Milwaukee 6266-22 doesn’t compromise on durability and efficiency. Unlike other power tools, this one doesn’t cause a strain to the eyes. It is indeed designed thoughtfully. Containing a 6.2 amp motor and weighing in at 5.3 lbs, the tool cuts through materials like knife on butter. It never fails to maintain its performance and efficiency. It has a dial operated electronic speed control where users can easily manage the blade speed within the 500 to 3000 SPM range. Blade changing in the Milwaukee 6266-22 is as easy as whistling Dixie. The Milwaukee Quik-Lok blade changing system makes this arduous task very easy. It uses the T-style blades; these blades are conveniently available everywhere. There’s also a blower system that blows off dust allowing one to have a clearer view of the cut line. This tool comes backed with a 5 year warranty; this offer speaks volumes about the confidence of its makers on this product. 

These jigsaw reviews will certainly put you in good stead to choose your perfect tool.